Science & U!-S4:E7: "Science and Food"


"Science and Food": Andrew Falzon hits the kitchen to look at how chemistry might just help with your next meal. Then, Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson looks at the connection between smell, taste and our brain. Next, Carol Anne Riddell reports on the science behind your cocktail...combining chemistry and presentation…along with taste, while Lisa Beth Kovetz explores the scientific methods of making beer. Finally, Donna Hanover speaks with Josie Iselin author of “An Ocean Garden”...who tells us all you wanted to know about the beauty of seaweed in and out of the ocean...and sometimes on the dinner table.

For More Information, visit:
• Mixology (anthonycaporale.com) or (talesofthecocktail.com/personality/pamela-wiznitzer)
• Cooking with Chemicals (www.internationalculinarycenter.com)
• An Ocean Garden/Josie Iselin (josieiselin.com)
• Smell and Taste (healthline.com/health/smell) or (nihseniorhealth.gov)


Science & U! explores the world of science, taking the headlines and information you need and showing its importance in our everyday life.

From technology, research and health to kids, humor and the arts each program explores these topics in clear, concise and engaging presentations designed for audiences of all backgrounds and ages!




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