Science & U!-S4:E6: "Science & Summer Fun"


"Science & Summer Fun": First, Ernabel Demillo celebrates 40 years of Rubik’s Cube. Then, Andrew Falzon tours the Sony Wonder Technology Lab where kids can do everything from produce and star in their own TV show to performing surgery! Next, Tinabeth Pina tells us about free hands-on exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, and Carol Anne Riddell reports on school kids who get a chance to experience science first hand at the Long Island Children’s Museum. Finally, Lisabeth Kovitz goes kite flying...while learning the physics of why they can fly, and Mike Gilliams visits the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk which is dedicated to the ecology of Long Island Sound where kids get to interact with the marine life.

For More Information, visit:
• Long Island Children’s Museum (licm.org)
• Rubik’s Cube (lsc.org)
• American Museum of Natural History (amnh.org)
• Norwalk Aquarium (maritimeaquarium.org)
• Sony Wonder Lab (sonywondertechlab.com)


Science & U! explores the world of science, taking the headlines and information you need and showing its importance in our everyday life.

From technology, research and health to kids, humor and the arts each program explores these topics in clear, concise and engaging presentations designed for audiences of all backgrounds and ages!




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