The Therapist-S1:E103: "When Things Go Wrong"


S1:E103: Jacob & Tasha are attacked by TMZ, Mike bites off too much when picking up Xenia from Therapy and Jacob discusses his relationship issues with the guys. Meanwhile, Mr. & Mrs. Stelly discuss infertility issues. Finally, David meets up with Sharon to cut a deal, and Christina is confronted with news after following David.


The award-winning series The Therapist is a provocative drama series about the life of a troubled marriage therapist and the relationship woes of her clients.

Written and Directed by Geno Brooks. Produced by Nia Witts, Isaac Keys, Mike Young and Lamont Pierré.

Follow The Therapist on Twitter at (@iluvmytherapist) and Writer/Director Geno Brooks at (@GenoBrooks).




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