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Lenox Avenue

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Intended for mature audiences -- Contains adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lenox Avenue is a sexy, soap-opera-style drama series that centers around the lives of a new generation of Harlemites. Best described as "Boomerang with a Love Jones vibe," the show focuses on three male best friends that are now navigating the complexities of the modern dating scene, the messiness of friendship and the pressures of their professional careers.

The rare treat of Lenox Avenue is its setting -- Harlem, USA. By marrying old Harlem sensibilities with new Harlem ambitions, Harlem itself becomes its own distinct character in this series. With a diverse cast, this critically acclaimed program explores the varying dynamics of the growing pains of contemporary adulthood and the intricacies of modern romantic relationships.

Created by Actor/Producer Al Thompson and Valdean Entertainment. Learn more about the series on the website (lenoxaveseries.com) and follow on Facebook (facebook.com/LenoxAveSeries), Twitter (@LenoxAveSeries) and Pinterest (pinterest.com/lenoxaveseries).




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Lenox Avenue

WebSeries, Drama

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