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A Day In The Life Of Daddy

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A Day In The Life Of Daddy is a drama mini-series which follows the life of Kwame – a single male Londoner, as he attempts to improve his relationship with his 6 year-old daughter, following the emergence of another man in the her mother’s life.


Produced by the team from Brothers With No Game, a web series in which four guys come to terms with quarter-life crisis in the form of dating, relationships, work and self-improvement. The blog has now expanded to BWNG TV, a platform for independent creatives to to produce creative and unique narratives.

Learn more about the A Day In The Life Of Daddy and keep up with BWNG on the website (brotherswithnogame.com) and follow on Facebook (facebook.com/BrothersWithNoGame) and Twitter (@TheBWNG).




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