Kitchen Circus-E2: "Dinner 2"


E2: How will Atina, Myrissa and Chris do preparing dinner for 45 judges? Chef Thierry Rautureau along with celebrity guests Rachel Belle (KIRO radio host) and Steve Scher (NPR Radio host) critique the dinner courses.


Ever wonder how masterful dinners are created in a 4-star restaurant?

Hosted by Top Chef Master Thierry Rautureau, each episode of Kitchen Circus features three home cooks testing their skills, each preparing one course of a three-course meal at Seattle’s renowned Rover’s restaurant. With their dishes being judged on taste, presentation, and creativity, who will master the rigors of a professional kitchen and be voted the favorite course of the evening?

Winners from the first three episodes move on to the finale dinner at the end of the season, where a champion is crowned.

Learn more about Kitchen Circus on the show website (kitchen-circus.com) and follow the series on Facebook (facebook.com/KitchenCircus).










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