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One For Ten is an online series of films that was produced and originally broadcast over five weeks in April & May of 2013. During those five weeks, the filmmakers traveled the width of the US and interviewed ten   individuals who have been freed from death row.

Breaking ground with a completely new form of filmmaking, One For Ten utilized modern video technology, social networking, user-generated content and a strong media & charity coalition to make an "interactive documentary." These films were made "live": shot in one day, edited the next and uploaded from the filmmakers' RV, which doubled as a mobile production office and "home" for five weeks. This allowed the online community to be intimately involved in the film-making process, which was completely unprecedented.

Find out more and trace their journey at the website (www.oneforten.com), Facebook (facebook.com/oneforten), Twitter (@one_for_ten), and Instagram (@oneforten) .







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