"Stress Less" Guided Meditation with Terri Cole


In the spirit of renewal, Terri Cole offers this brief guided meditation to help you set new intentions, commit to living in the present and stress less.


Start each week on a high note by setting an intention to be grateful. Terri Cole offers this Tune Up Tip of the Week, guiding you through a simple, enjoyable, two-minute gratitude break. Repeat this brief meditation often, and you will "reset" your entire life.

Terri Cole is founder and CEO of Live Fearless and Free. She is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and expert at turning fear into freedom.

For more about Terri Cole and A Gratitude Break, visit (terricole.com/a-gratitude-break), like on Facebook (facebook.com/FearlessAndFree) and follow on Twitter (twitter.com/terri_cole).










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