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This Is Why

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This Is Why is a web series about Jim, a smart guy who is confident in school, but not so much when it comes to girls. By chance, he meets a waiter who guides him through his fears and maybe...to a new love.

Featuring Vanes Phung as Sarah, Nick Davis as Lee, Ming Y. as the Waiter, and Ming H as Jim.


Created completely without outside corporate sponsorships, this indie series was written and directed by Ming H. and produced by Bryan Lim. Featuring cinematography by Bryan Lim and Tang Qi Kit for The Ming Thing team.

You can download the theme song by Skyward here: ("More Than..." on WeAreSkyward BandCamp). Produced & Arranged by Nick Davis. Recorded at The Factory Music Studio.

Learn more about the The Ming Thing and This Is Why on the blog (themingthing.wordpress.com) and follow on Facebook (facebook.com/themingthingTV) and Twitter (@dmingthing).




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