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African Tales

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AFRICAN TALES: Three Movies In One

MARK OF URU: Azuka is a girl born with a birthmark identical to the tattoo of a sinister sorceress Uru, who died long ago. Despite her mother's effort to conceal the birthmark, it is eventually discovered, marking her for execution. Azuka and a band of outcasts embark on a grueling journey to unravel the mystery behind her bizarre birthmark. They must outwit the enemies wanting to eliminate Azuka and protect her people from the curse of Uru, or capture her and utilize the powers she might posses.

ENEMY OF THE RISING SUN: In a brutal civil war that sets his parents' ethnic groups against each other, Ikenna joins the rebel forces from his father's side of the conflict. When his uncle Aminu is captured in a successful rebel ambush, Ikenna sets him free, severing his ties with the rebels and making him the subject of a deadly manhunt.

BUSINESS AND PLEASURE: The story of an assassin who is sent to terminate a man she admires. Idara's failure to carry out the assignment makes her a target for hunters and a very angry dubious ex-commando who has a knack for making people disappear without a trace.




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