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The Days Inbetween

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The Days Inbetween is a wonderfully quirky, character-driven dramedy about Londoners whose lives have come to a standstill. A remarkable debut, this full feature film spans 4 story lines, 12 locations, 30 characters in a film that is uniquely dynamic, funny, tragic, romantic, dark, heart-breaking, thought-provoking, uplifting and colorful.

Winner of the "Audience Award - Best Feature Narrative" at the "United Film Festival London 2013," this truly independent production, came together -- from casting in the director's kitchen to shooting the entire film on location with a skeleton crew on a shoestring budget -- in just 10 days.

Written and directed by Stephan George. Starring Andrea Simon, Daniel Francis-Swaby, Lydia Orange, Dinarte Gouveia, Steven Kent, Alice Marshall, Sally Preston, Chris Butler-Tessen. Learn more about the film at the official website (thedaysinbetween.co.uk), like on Facebook (facebook.com/TheDaysInbetweenMovie) and follow on Twitter (@tdimovie).





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The Days Inbetween

Dramedy, FeatureFilms, Movies, Drama

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