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Ruby Skye P.I.

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Ruby Skye P.I. is a detective series for tweens. In her first mystery, The Spam Scam, the amateur girl sleuth discovers that a neighbor has fallen victim to an email scam and vows to get her money back, but the clues lead in all the wrong directions. Pretty soon, Ruby has no friends left. Can Ruby solve the mysteries and win her friends back?

In Season 2, the amateur girl detective needs your help to solve the spooky and action-packed mystery of The Haunted Library. Ruby has her hands full with ghostly late night happenings, a missing will, plenty of girl drama and an elusive mystery man.

For tons of behind-the-scenes footage and extra features video, check out Ruby's awesome website (www.rubyskyepi.com) and follow Ruby on Facebook (facebook.com/RubySkyePI) and Twitter (@RubySkyePI)!




Season 1: "The Spam Scam"

Season 2: "The Haunted Library"


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