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MOMS is a comedy web series that follows the life of four moms and their families as they all try to balance the chaos of kids, husbands, career, and their friendship with one another.

Starring Saadiqa K. Muhammad as Shari Peters, Keena Ferguson as Leslie Beckett, Marta McGonagle as Melinda Foxhorn and Jillian Reeves de Ortiz as Dee Landers. Also featuring Kristin Ferrell as Bethany, Ron G as Glen Beckett, Michael Perl as Lincoln Foxhorn, Theo Lewis as Travis Landers, Alexis Matthews as Stacey Landers, Joel Anderson as Corey Young, Samuel Caruana as Dylan Young, Valdi Belizaire as Chloe Landers, Tyler Michael Brown as Brian Beckett, Alexander Arzu as Dustin Beckett and Layla Boyce as Alexandria Beckett.


Created and written by Saadiqa K. Muhammad. Directed by Saadiqa K. Muhammad, Fred Thomas and Carl Seaton. Executive Produced by Saadiqa K. Muhammad and Christina De Leon for Soundlife Entertainment.

Keep up with MOMS and follow the series on Facebook (facebook.com/MomsABrandNewSeries) and Twitter (@MomsTheSeries).




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