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Jack's Touching Touchdown

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Jack Hoffman is a big fan of college football's Nebraska Cornhuskers. And he's battling brain cancer.

Back in 2011, he became friends with then-Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead, but it wasn't long before he was embraced by the entire Huskers organization. During the 2013 Spring Game, little Jack fulfilled a dream, scoring a 69-yard touchdown at Lincoln Field. He has inspired millions of people worldwide and continues to today, even winning an ESPY Award (2013) along the way for "Best Moment" in Sports.

Jack is now a teenager, and his family are as brave as ever and continuing to fight. Let's send them and everyone battling this disease as much positive energy as possible by supporting organizations like the Team Jack Foundation.

The Team Jack Foundation was formed out of a grassroots movement which started in Atkinson, Nebraska, The predecessors to the Team Jack Foundation were the family and friends of Jack Hoffman. Now buoyed by a State and Nation's overwhelming support, Team Jack is committed to raising substantial money for the sole purpose of funding relevant pediatric brain cancer research. Learn more and support the Team Jack Foundation on (teamjackfoundation.org), Facebook (facebook.com/pages/Team-Jack/130253380409979).




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