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Helping Hand: Homeless Man Gives Back

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Magician, prankster and YouTube sensation Magic of Rahat made headlines when he gave a homeless man a winning lottery ticket -- and began a course of events that would ultimately inspire millions of people.

Through his "Magic of Rahat" YouTube channel, he introduced the world to Eric, a homeless man with a generous heart. Then, he set out to raise funds to transform Eric's life, and people responded -- donating more than three times the $20,000 goal. Detailing how each penny has been used, Rahat helped Eric get a new home, new clothes and a new lease on life.

From the start, Eric also showed his giving nature by trying to share his lottery "winnings," even though his own need was great. Now that he is getting back on his feet, he is paying it forward to another homeless man -- and continuing the cycle of giving. We share this inspiring story to show that "good giving grows" and to encourage you to reach out to someone in need -- You might just help turn several lives around!

To learn more about "Magic of Rahat," visit (TheMagicofRahat), like on Facebook (facebook.com/Magic-of-Rahat), and follow on Twitter (@magicofrahat) and Instagram (@TheMagicofRahat). To make a donation for Eric, visit: (PenguinMagic.com).







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