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10,000 Days

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27 years ago, Comet 23 struck the Earth in a fiery impact that knocked the Earth away from the sun and triggered a new ice age. Four families once bound together high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado have now split into two rival clans: The Becks and the Farnwells.

In a landscape ravaged by violent tremors and plunging temperatures, each clan is righteous in their fight for diminishing resources. Their leaders, Lucas Beck and Remy Farnwell, are aware that with each passing day their chances of survival grow slimmer and their desperation greater.

This is their story.

Visit the official 10,000 Days website (10kdays.tv) for tons of insider story content, photos, wallpapers, and more! Also, like and follow the series on Facebook (facebook.com/10kdaystv) and Twitter (@10kdaystv).




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10,000 Days

WebSeries, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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