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Hip Hop Artist 3D Na’Tee (pronounced Three Dee Nah-Tee), was born Samantha James in the notoriously rough city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Having to deal with extreme hardship and tragedy in her home, Na’Tee turned to poetry and music at an early age as a way to release tension and gain a sense of inner calm amidst the chaos and confusion that surrounded her.

Na’Tee knows the turmoil of the street life all too well. She is the oldest child and the only girl of parents who sold drugs, and later fell victim to the same fate as many of the people they sold to over the years. Her mother and father became addicted to drugs when Na’Tee was just a child. Sadly, her father committed suicide when she was just 10 years old, forcing her to grow up fast and assume the parental role for her two younger brothers. Having adopted the hustler’s mentality of her parents, she eventually began selling drugs in order to make money and take care of herself. After her own run-ins with the law, she made the choice to change her lifestyle for the positive.

This is where Na’Tee embraced her love for music and her lyrical talent as a God-given gift. Once she accepted her talent as such a gift, she knew that she must follow this purpose for her life. For Na’Tee, music is what she was born to do; it is how she shares herself with the world. The personal story that this female emcee has to tell is one of triumph over tribulation.


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