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In the romantic comedy web series Singledom, two lovers suddenly find out there is no way they can continue their relationship and are suddenly thrown back into the world of being single! Relative hilarious dating experiences follow as they stay in touch and try to be friends but Singledom gets the best of both of them.

Starring Dawn Adams as Naomi, Jesse Jenkins as Xavier, Carmen Diaz as Sundae and William Lewis as Wayne.


Created by Kyree Terrell, written by Kyree Terrell and Tiffany Barret, and directed and produced by Kyree Terrell, Singledom is a web series shot cinematically. Executive produced by Elisa O'keefe Smith and Anthony Horton. Theme track "Love Me Right" performed by Brook Penning & the Swag Geeks; Written, produced, & published by legendary Robert Clivilles, C+C Music Factory Record Group. Now Available on iTunes.

Keep up with Singledom on Facebook (facebook.com/SingledomSeries), Twitter (@SingledomSeries) and Instagram (@SingledomSeries). Also follow artist Brook Penning on Facebook(facebook.com/brookpenning), Twitter (@BrookPenning) and Instagram (@BrookPenning).




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WebSeries, Comedy

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